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Command Results has provided IT consulting services for the past five years across a broad spectrum of services- proposal management, project management, PMO support, and management consulting services.
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Command Results lead the way with on site and online training on a variety of subjects for project management practicioners including project management fundamentals, SDLC, PMO support, and lifecycle integrations.
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Hire Command Results to help you integrate processes, best practices, tools and methodologies, development life cycles, and more into your business management domains.

eLearning (Coming Fall 2015)

This exciting new venture will provide online learning opportunities for the practicing project manager. Every class is honed from the skills and experience of project managers who have more than fifty years combined IT project management experience, and who have managed more than thirty large enterprise IT projects.

Courses are developed using modern instructional design tools and techniques, to deliver courses that are both practical and interesting. Each course will offer scenarios that enable practical application of the topic, as opposed to simple and boring regurgitation of facts and figures.  
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    Online Learning for Project Managers

    (Coming Soon, Fall 2015!)
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    Fundamentals for the practicing project manager
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    Systems development lifecycles explained
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    Standing up a project management office
    We are developing a one-stop-shop for affordable online training to hone PM skills, gain valuable PDUs, and find excellent primers for professional certification in project management.
  • Systems Development Lifecycles (SDLC)

    (Coming Soon, Fall 2015!)
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    SDLC Tools, Templates, and Best Practices for Waterfall Development
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    SDLC Tools, Templates, and Best Practices for Modern Agile Development
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    Lifecycle Integrations

    (Coming Soon, Fall 2015!)
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    Integrate Best Practice Project Management Lifecycles with Systems Development Lifecycles
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    Best Practices for Project Management Office Support
  • Standing Up the Project Management Office (PMO)

    (Coming Soon, Fall 2015!)
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    PMO Tools & Resources
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    Document Management Tools & Strategies
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