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Company History

Founded in March, 2010, Command Results has provided IT consulting services to Federal Agencies and large Health Care clients. Services have ranged from project management, requirements analysis, Concept of Operations (CONOPS) investigations, and IT proposal management.

Consulting Practice

Over the past five years, Command Results has participated in a number of exciting projects, some of which are listed below. Our consultants include past government managers who were certified as senior level experts in federal acquisitions, project management, software engineering, and information technology.

Management Team

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Experience in Project Management, IT Methodologies, Strategic Planning, and Integration

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Health Care Initiative Software Development
Provided Senior Project Management support on VA’s EDI Transactions Program, responsible for managing the Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) for the entire Program – approximately 15 projects at any given time, as well as assisting the MCCF’s Project Manager with overseeing three of the Program’s IT/ Software Development Projects.

Also was part of team that was trained and began planning use of SCRUM, an iterative and incremental agile software development framework, within VA’s ProPath-based SDLC for use on selected EDI Transactions based software development projects.
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Health Care Initiative Software Development
Served as the lead Project Manager for CORAM Specialty Infusion Services overseeing a team of KPMG Consultants on an ICD-10 Business and IT Needs Assessment Project. CORUM is a $1.2 Billion healthcare company based in Denver, CO.

Senior Contractor project manager on VA's ICD-10 Program Office overseeing code remediation of 20 Class-One Clinical applications - part of the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Health Information Technology System.

Oversaw activities of ~115 VA and Contractor staff
Planned 41 Software Coding and Testing Increments
Managed 25 "Active State" software development and testing increments
Expert practitioner of VA's ProPath-based and integrated project management and systems development lifecycle SDLC) methodology
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Project Management - Enterprise Systems
Consulting Team Lead on five healthcare related Concept of Operations (CONOPS) – mission-oriented capabilities requirements assessments for VA/ VHA’s Office of Health Information (OHI) – Enterprise Systems Management (ESM) Office
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Health Care Initiative Requirements
Consulting Team Lead at VA/ VHA responsible for developing Business Requirements Document (BRD) for the VA’s WebHR application
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Process Management / Project Management
Business Process Consultant and Project Manager on VA/ VBA's Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (IPERA) Benefits Program Assessment project.
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Have written more than twenty IT proposals for Federal Prime Contractor clients, with the highest win exceeding $20 million in new revenues.
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Building Information Model (BIM) Project (Pentagon)
Project Manager overseeing the Building Information Model (BIM): Business Process Analysis, Systems Integration, and Development Support Services Contract.  This project included business process and requirements analysis, workflow development, a SOA-based systems integration design, and development of two prototype BIM models. 

The business drivers were the Pentagon’s need to digitize, store, manage and provide online to access literally tens of thousands of electronic and paper drawings and documents that had been produced during continuous facilities upgrades and modifications during the Pentagon’s continuing renovations. 
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Consulting Services Development & Portal Implementation Program (AT&T Global Information Solutions)
Program Manager overseeing a team of 22 IT and content development staff to develop and deploy a Professional Services Portal to distribute repeatable professional services, methods and tools to 4000 of AT&T’s business consultants operating across 97 countries .

This project included the development and integration of tools for defining professional service taxonomies, project planning, budgeting and scheduling tools, as well as inclusion of professional services “Best Practices” content in video, audio and document formats.
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CONOPS Program/ Consulting Team Leader (VA/ VHA)
Team leader on three Concept of Operations (CONOPS) Projects, plus my team supported two other CONOPS investigations. 

Projects included: Caregivers and Veterans Omnibus Health Services Act of 2010; Clinical Information Systems/ Anesthesia Record Keeping (CIS ARK); Laboratory System Reengineering Project (LSRP); Patient Handoff, and, WebHR.
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Custom Budgeting Software Development Project (DOI)
Project Manager overseeing development of the Construction Allocation Budget Execution System (CAS) Project.  This was a failing project that Mr. Rupp was called in to put back on budget, schedule, and scope. 

Mr. Rupp hired a new development team, successfully resolved more than 100 documented software bugs, and obtained client approval on the final scope of the project. 

The CAS application provides online tools to document and manage line-item construction requirements across the DOI, facilitating budgeting, prioritization, approvals, allocations and adjustments of NPS Construction Budgets, by both project and accounts, across the fiscal year. 
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Custom Benefits Call Center Application Development Project (VA/ VBA)
Project Manager overseeing the Veterans Benefits Reference System (VBRS) Application Development Project. 

This web-based portal was custom built with BEA’s WebLogic Application Server and various Open Source components to deploy up-to-date Veterans benefits information to 1000 virtual call center operators working out of 80 regional site locations. 

The VBRS Portal included a “Benefits Taxonomy”, integrated search engine, and content authoring and publishing tool.  Mr. Rupp helped define the VBA’s Benefits Taxonomy, and oversaw two releases of the web-based application.
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Custom Project Management Software Implementation Project (NHTSA)
Project Manager overseeing the Planview-based COTS Project Planning Tool Customization and Implementation Project.  Similar to the CAS application in purpose, and suffering from some of the same problems, Mr. Rupp worked with the software vendor to get the project back on track. 

When deployed, this COTS-based tool enabled NHTSA staff to submit their budget plans to Congress - including line item projects and funding requirements, obtain approval, and then track expenditures and activities in accordance with the original budget plans.
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Enterprise-wide IT Architecture and SOA Framework Implementation Project (VA/ VBA)
Project Manager overseeing Standard J2EE/ JAVA/ SOA Architecture and System-Server Support Contract. 

This successful project resulted in the development of a common J2EE and SOA-based framework, and related reusable service components, which simplifies applications development, while also reducing VA IT costs, skills and resources.
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HR Management Portal Implementation Project (DOI)
Project Manager overseeing development of the DOI’s Enterprise Portal/ Stewardship Collaboration Portal.  Led team that successfully developed an Enterprise Portal for the distribution of employee information and related HR tools and content.
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ICD-10 Software Remediation Program (VA/ VHA)
Project Manager assigned to VA’s International Classification of Diseases, Tenth Revision (ICD-10) Program Management Office (PMO) Support Contract.  Mr. Rupp is part of a team of three PMs assigned to work with ~115 VA staff and private contractors overseeing remediation of twenty (20) Enterprise-class Clinical Software systems.

The ICD-10 Program encompasses development, testing and deployment of both diagnosis and inpatient procedure coding, and have become very familiar with VA’s integrated Project Management and System’s Development Methodology, ProPath.
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Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (IPERA) Project (VA/ VBA)
Project Manager overseeing Preliminary Analysis - Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act (IPERA). 

Provided analysis of VBA’s improper Compensation and Pension benefit payments data to determine the level of preventable improper payments under current laws, regulations, and policies, and the feasibility of pursuing payment recapture audits of improper payments under IPERA.
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ITIL-based Asset Management Software Implementation Project (DOI)
Project Manager overseeing the BMC Software based ITIL Software Implementation and Support Services Contract.  Led team that successfully oversaw implementation, customization, integration, testing and initial deployment of this enterprise-class asset management system. 

When deployed, the system fully automated IT Asset discovery across the DOI, plus automated loading and updating of the configuration management database (CMDB).
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MS Exchange Migration IV&V Project (VA/ OI&T)
Project Manager overseeing the VA’s Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) – Exchange Migration Project.  This project was established to verify whether the VA had achieved its initial design and ROI goals during their enterprise-wide deployment of MS Exchange. 

Mr. Rupp implemented a rigorous IV&V process and oversaw the investigations and documentation, and presentations given to the client.
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Retail/ Hospital Canteen Financial Systems Requirements Project  (VA/ VHA)
Project Manager overseeing VA’s Financial Management Information System (FMIS II) – COTS Evaluation Project.  VCS is responsible for vendor management plus purchasing and accounting for all Canteens located within VA Hospitals and other VA facilities. 

Their legacy financial management system was no longer supportable, and lacked compliance with new government regulations.  Mr. Rupp oversaw the team that captured and documented business and technical requirements, evaluated compliant commercial FMIS applications, and made final vendor/ product recommendations.
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Large Enterprise IT Security Systems Implementation Project (VA/ OI&T)
PM overseeing VA’s Guardian Edge and Trust Digital Implementation Support Contract.  After losing several computers with sensitive veteran personal information stored on the disk drives, VA moved to implement Guardian Edge Encryption and Trust Digital’s Security software. 

Within 3 months, deployed Guardian Edge data security encryption program on ~300,000 desktop computers received; plus, trained 12,000 IT administrators on the software.
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Large Enterprise, Healthcare Systems Program Manager (VA/ VHA)
Program Manager, Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA) Small Business Contract Award.  VistA is an enterprise-wide information system built around an electronic health record, used throughout the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical system, known as the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). 

As Program Manager, Mr. Rupp oversaw the Capture effort with 12 external partners to successfully win one of the Small Business Prime Contract Awards for the VA/ VHA enterprise-wide IT Services contract. 

After the win, Mr. Rupp continued on in the role to oversee additional proposal efforts to bid and win new business under this contract that led to ~100 IT consultants being hired and brought into engagements with the client over a six month period. 
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Manufacturing Plant & Systems Reconstruction Project (Texas Instruments)
Managed projects worth $52M in capital equipment and IT systems investments during rebuild of two printed circuit board fabrication sites.  This project was initiated after an Advanced Interconnect Manufacturing (AIM) facility was unable to meet its cost and volume objectives when it went online – which Mr. Rupp, then new to the project, had predicted and communicated prior to the plant going online.

Mr. Rupp’s activities enabled the AIM facility to get back on schedule and deliver the highly classified printed circuit boards below budgeted costs; plus, he sought and obtained funding for technology developments to enhance the printed circuit boards’ substrates so that they could match the clock speeds of the Very-high-speed integrated circuits (VHSIC).

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