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Fundamentals For The Practicing Project Manager
Even professional sports athletes practice fundamentals in pre-season training. Shouldn’t practicing project managers periodically revisit their fundamentals? This course offers a complete review of industry standard project management practices.
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Systems Development Lifecycles Explained
In every project there are always two lifecycles in play. One cycle guides how the project will be managed, while the other describes how the product, service, system or solution will be developed. If the project is an information technology (IT) Project, we have options: do we use a traditional Waterfall approach, or do we use a modern, Agile approach? And, how do we integrate these disparate lifecycle development approaches within a project management lifecycle?  This course will explain how.
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Standing Up a Project Management Office (PMO)
For the enterprise that needs to properly manage a large number of projects, standing up one or more Project Management Offices (PMOs) can provide a number of practical benefits. The benefits can range from implementing best practices, to having a pool of trained project managers available on staff, to gaining project management efficiencies across the spectrum of project management disciplines, such as Change Management, Risk Management, Schedule Management, etc. This course offers practical guidance on how to stand up and maintain an effective PMO.

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